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ESPRESSO: two shots of concentrated coffee

AMERICANO: espresso and water

CAFE CON LECHE: dominican coffee and steamed milk

CORTADITO: espresso, a splash of steamed milk, and finished with foam

CAPPUCHINO: equal espresso to steamed milk and finished with foam

CAFE LATTE: espresso and steamed milk with foam

FLAVORED LATTE: mocha, caramel, vanilla, and french vanilla flavored cafe lattes

HOT COCOA: cocoa with steamed milk

TEA: jasmine green, earl grey, or roobius served hot or cold

ICED COFEE: dominican coffee, ice, and milk or water

ICED LATTE: espresso, ice, and milk


Specialty Sodas

Egg Cream soda
Chocolate Soda
Lime cherry Rickey
Pina colada
Espresso soda

Espresso Cola soda
Birch Beer Float
Spiced Root Beer
Spicy Cucumber
Butter Beer

Pineapple Mojito
Ginger Rogers


SUNNY SIDE UP: vanilla ice cream, peach orange soda, topped with a gummy fried egg

ROOTBEER FLOAT: vanilla ice cream and rootbeer soda

BLACK COW: vanilla ice cream and chocolate soda

WAKE THE HELL UP: vanilla ice cream and espresso soda

VIRGIN BUTTERSCOTCH BEER: vanilla ice cream and caramel cream soda

TEXAS PRIDE: buttered pecan ice cream, chocolate covered pecans, and dr.pepper soda

SWEET CANDY MAN: vanilla ice cream and cotton candy soda topped with gummies

TAKE ME TO THE MOON: blue moon ice cream and cream coconut soda

FLYING BATS: cookie dough ice cream and cherry strawberry soda

HEAVEN IS REAL: chocolate ice cream and caramel chocolate soda



MY GOAL IS TO LOSE 20 POUNDS: vanilla ice cream, malt balls, and chocolate sauce

ESPRESSO SUNDAE: vanilla ice cream, a shot of espresso, chocolate covered coffee beans, and topped with waffle cone bits

COOKIE MONSTER: cookie dough ice cream, caramel syrup, and crazy gummies

BANANA SPLIT: vanilla ice cream, fresh bananas, chocolate sauce, and topped with a cherry gummy

CARAMEL SUNDAE: vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, and hand dipped pretzel stick

DIRT AND WORMS: chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, crushed cookie bits, gummy worms, and topped with half of a cookie

ELVIS PRESCRIPTION: buttercrunch ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and banana slices

CHOCOLATE SUNDAE: triple and dutch chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate non-pareils